Fotowall – Photo Collection Wallpaperizer!

update: Fotowall’s got a homepage 😉
update 2: this old article refers to Fotowall 0.2.. we’re close to the 1.0 now!

You always wanted to create quick graphics composition from a bunch of photos you have.. and now your dream came true! With Fotowall you can drag some pictures in the canvas, place them as you like, put a title on them, change the colors and the gradients the way you like and finally render a poster-sized graphical composition of them!

Take a look a this quick video tour. In less than 2 minutes you will see the whole process, from installation to the rendering of a wallpaper.

You can find the source code following the link. The program runs on every Linux, Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X out there! (So even Ilan will be able to do a “two hands saw” in his awesome OS!! :-))

Thanks goes to David Eccher for his suggestions!
You rock man 😉


3 pensieri su “Fotowall – Photo Collection Wallpaperizer!

  1. This is a pretty cool looking app. Could this possibly be done as a desktop widget? (Possibly generating a static background image to conserve resources, then an ‘unlock’ mode that allows the user to go and play with the pictures.)

  2. Ciao,
    ho visto che sviluppi con QT. Conosci Asterisk? Vorrei una mano a sviluppare un software di CTI opensource e sto cercando programmatori. Ti può interessare?

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