Leaving M31 behind

In three days, on wed 14/1/09, I won’t be an M31 employee anymore.
After 2 years of dedication, addiction, dreams and a lot of fun (thanks to all the lovely people in there, some of the best friends I’ve ever had!), I feel it’s the right time to move on.

Many thanks to all the cool people in there (the ones that make you smile, save your ass, drive you home, drive you mad, drive you crazy, teach you, kiss you, never betray you, and love you) and I wish all the best for M31 (that has been so kind to me during those years).

So.. thank you guys and remember that from 6pm to 9am I’m still a cool friend of you 😉


2 pensieri su “Leaving M31 behind

  1. Hi Henry! I’m very sad for your departure from m31! It has been a pleasure to be your colleague, work with you and to be your friend! You had taught us a lot.. Surely we’ll keep in touch and will continue to make party all the night all together 😉 And now, Good luck for your new adventure 😉

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