BioCheat – The machine Vs The machine

update: XP/Vista download here 😉

You are happily wasting time on facebook (that site with all the ignore buttons, with noisy stuff from people who call themselves ‘friends’ of you.. you know..) when you unfortunately get hooked up with Biotronic. This flash game is quite nice, but there is a rank ladder on bottom and you’re last. So you play and play … still last, play even more.. still last.. can you see the frustration?! The layman’s answer is to play (aka waste hours) to get better and climb the ladder..

And then there’s the programmer’s answer: I’ll write a Qt program to get me on top!! 😉 (yes, and still waste hours :D) — Here is the result: BioCheat 😉

The game is in FLASH, so no HTML or DOM tricks, you have to emulate eyes, brains and hands (only 1). Or in other words you have to see, think and act. Or in other words you have to recognize the image, solve the puzzle and send the clicks back.

Not only I became the first among my friends, I was the world #1 for a month (with 5Million points) 😀 Then they wisely reset my score to zero (was too high for a human player) and many people started using and modifying BiCheat!

Here is the simple work flow of the program:

BioCheat Workflow

Plus when there is near 60% of recognized blocks, a condition telling that the level is finished, we press the “next” button (a mouse click at an absolute position) to go to the next level. Then you can go grooming your cat while BioCheat plays for you.

In the end it’s a machine vs machine fight, not a human-to-machine one 😀

Again here is the source code, stay tuned for more web automation articles, and enjoy 😉


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  2. 2 years ago, a friend of mine wrote a small app to solve sudoku…and I thought that was clever. But all your facebook game cheats…simply taking it to a whole new level. Awesome stuff man!

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