AutoGram – The machine Vs The machine

Hello, it’s me again, back on the cheating bandwagon 😉 Last time we talked about BioCheat, and now we add another piece of the web-automation jigsaw puzzle: AutoGram.

Please enjoy this HQ stream of deceptive video pixels while I explain this fine new piece of trickery 😉

As you can see, this other frustration-driven program lets you climb the ladder of a typical facebook game while drinking coffee or feeding your pet!

So, before starting you need:

  1. a dictionary file for your language of choice (1 word per line)
  2. a dictionary file with the names of your facebook friends (for the ‘bonus’ levels)
  3. a compiler, because I’m not making binary packages this time 😉
  4. the source code of AutoGram, published here and available as a tar.gz here.

Build it with your favourite compiler (tested on Linux with gcc and on Windows with msvc) or your favourite IDE (you can download QtCreator if you don’t know what an IDE is and click on the project file). Then Run it and embarass your friends 😉

Here is how the program works:

  1. grabs the screen image and cuts off the 6 images representing the letters.  [ScreenCapture.h]
  2. recognizes each character by comparing the image to the alphabet and picks the match that has less differential energy. (is like xor-ing 2 pictures and computing the energy of that)  [Ocr.h]
  3. performs all the permutations of the characters, to find out all the words that can be made out of the given alphabet. [Scrambler.h]
  4. validates with a dictionary to filter out unknown words. the dictionary is the “main language dictionary” if the screen is yellow-ish (indicating normal game) or the “bonus game dictionary” if the screen is red-ish (indicating a bonus game, where all the words are picked from the names of your friends).  [Scrambler.h]
  5. injects the words (as keystrokes + return) to the browser window.  [InputUtils.h]
  6. there is a timer-based loop that performs the operations 1-5 while updating the GUI.  [WCGame.h contains the logic, AppWidget.h handles the GUI]

If you run AutoGram on a virtual machine, please remember to switch it off after a while! I take no responsability of any score overflow 😉

Again here is the source code, stay tuned for more web automation articles, and enjoy AutoGram - The machine Vs The machine;-)


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