Blog moved & new home

Blog movedI finally decided to get some hosting, and I’ve moved my Blog there. was great, but now I’ve got my personal space with all the storage and bandwidth to host all my OpenSource projects..

As side effects:

See you there ♦


Fotowall One Hundred Thousand

Today Fotowall reached the 100’000 downloads mark! It’s a HUGE result, and it’s even more incredible if you consider that we have no homepage, no advertising other than word-of-mouth and those are the downloads of the XP/Vista release only (we have the linux and mac releases too)!
If you haven’t downloaded the latest release, do it now! 😉

To celebrate this result, here is a short teaser for the upcoming version (that will be out in one week):

A big thank you to the team: Arnaud Tanguy, Alessandro Portale, Andreas Brech, Georges Dubus, and translators Martin Zimmermann and Marcio Moraes.