Fotowall 0.7

Fotowall 0.7.1 has been released today! Get it while it’s hot 😉

FotoWall 0.7

New features in Fotowall 0.7. In the top left area you can see the web image selector.

With this release Fotowall integrates with the deep web. You can now search the network with the embedded flickr search pane and add the images to the canvas. This opens up an infinite can of content, all available for your pleasure ;-).

Other relevant features include:

  • support for Qt 4.6 (brings animations and transparencies)
  • usability fixes (rubberband selection, deletion, etc..)
  • cleaner design (new icons, loadable frames, better property dialogs)
  • italian, french and german translation
  • check for updates and web links

Don’t hesitate to ask for missing features and always remember that you can rotate pictures by dragging corners with the right mouse button 😉

Enjoy your Fotowall!! 😀


Fotowall 0.6

L’escalation verso la 1.0 continua con una nuova milestone 😉

Nuove caratteristiche presenti in FotoWall 0.6

Nuove caratteristiche presenti in Fotowall 0.6

Se non vi sono bastate le tonnellate di migliorie della 0.5 ecco che arriva una 0.6 che quasi raddoppia la base di codice e introduce una serie di caratteristiche che danno un taglio professionale senza intaccare la facilità di interazione e la libertà di giocare con Fotowall 😉 E ancora non avete letto nulla… Continua a leggere

Fotowall – Photo Collection Wallpaperizer!

update: Fotowall’s got a homepage 😉
update 2: this old article refers to Fotowall 0.2.. we’re close to the 1.0 now!

You always wanted to create quick graphics composition from a bunch of photos you have.. and now your dream came true! With Fotowall you can drag some pictures in the canvas, place them as you like, put a title on them, change the colors and the gradients the way you like and finally render a poster-sized graphical composition of them!

Take a look a this quick video tour. In less than 2 minutes you will see the whole process, from installation to the rendering of a wallpaper.

You can find the source code following the link. The program runs on every Linux, Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X out there! (So even Ilan will be able to do a “two hands saw” in his awesome OS!! :-))

Thanks goes to David Eccher for his suggestions!
You rock man 😉

Elements of Ui Design – ColorPicker

Update: ColorPicker sources are included in the Fotowall project. The files you’re looking for are the ColorPickerItem ones.

Say you’re writing an application and you want to let the user to change the color of an item; what will you do?

The standard approach is to popup a color dialog with the standard HSV selector and all the sliders and values and buttons and confusion. Another approach is to pop down a combobox with a selection of default colors where the user won’t find the colour she is looking for (unless it’s RED, of course :-)).
Both approaches need you to get shocked by another window appearing right in front of you, so you loose the context and move the mouse far away from where it was.

Let’s take a look at this new approach:

The 2d (yet perspective transformed) dialog smoothly fades in when hovering the color and your favorite hue is just 1 or 2 clicks apart!