Fotowall – Photo Collection Wallpaperizer!

update: Fotowall’s got a homepage 😉
update 2: this old article refers to Fotowall 0.2.. we’re close to the 1.0 now!

You always wanted to create quick graphics composition from a bunch of photos you have.. and now your dream came true! With Fotowall you can drag some pictures in the canvas, place them as you like, put a title on them, change the colors and the gradients the way you like and finally render a poster-sized graphical composition of them!

Take a look a this quick video tour. In less than 2 minutes you will see the whole process, from installation to the rendering of a wallpaper.

You can find the source code following the link. The program runs on every Linux, Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X out there! (So even Ilan will be able to do a “two hands saw” in his awesome OS!! :-))

Thanks goes to David Eccher for his suggestions!
You rock man 😉